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Be the Light. Be at Peace. Be in Love.
Nothing is normal, nor will life ever return to what is was. Accept this extraordinary opportunity to complete remake your life into a peaceful, fulfilling, healthy, loving existence.
We are invited to literally TURN ON THE LIGHT! The greatest defense against COVID 19 is elevating our vibrational frequency to the highest we can carry.
Personally experience the bliss of Oneness with Source. Receive daily guidance via email with information, instructions, and activations to upgrade your physical and energy bodies to live at a Fifth Dimensional Frequency of Love, Collaboration, and Cooperation. We are rapidly AWAKENING IN CONSCIOUSNESS!
This IS the Great Awakening that we Light Workers have been praying and waiting for. It is NOW! Tune into the frequency of Divine Love and Eternal Peace that is upgrading everything in our physical world.
Choose to direct the power of your emotions into creative solutions. Emotions are energy. following the daily guidance from Source, your emotions will stabilize with self-awareness, transforming fear to optimism, and anger to peace. The instructions are simple, and easy to follow. The energy infusions are pure ecstasy as you personally experience the Source of your Being. 
Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney
"Lives Change when Kimberly speaks." 
At the start of Shelter In Place, Heavenly Father said to Kimberly through a friend,, "The more you live life conscious of my Presence within, the closer you will move towards being a Conscious Christ incarnate 24/7, in partnership with Me, which is why you incarnated into this life. That is your goal, that is your purpose. The more you ask for assistance in this regard and stay open to that assistance, surrender to that assistance, the more that will be provided." 

Kimberly committed to daily communion with God the Father to receive the energy transmissions we all need to Awaken our Consciousness into Divine Union.

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